Dec 11, 2011

Busy Weekends

We don't get to have 'kick back' weekends as a least not yet. There are still too many big projects to tackle on the house for us to relax. It's always fun, though, when we can do some projects where you see an immediate impact. (not like tiny trim work or plumbing, wiring, etc. where you can work for days and not be able to tell you did anything since it's all behind the scenes)

We now have some doors on!! All of the rooms on the main level actually have working doors! That's a big deal. It means I can shut the door to my messy closet and forget how crazy it is! :) It means we at least have one bathroom we can shut the door on and get a little privacy! Ha!

In the coming weeks I'll have to repair and paint some of the doors since they got pretty beat up from getting moved around so many times during the project. But for now, we're just loving the fact that they're on.

That was the hubs' big project this weekend. Oh...along with hanging one of the bathroom mirrors! Yay! I can finally put makeup on without using just my compact mirror. To quote Mrs. Petersik...woo to the hoo!

I spent my weekend wrapping Christmas gifts and posting things on Craigslist. Sold a few (a new Pottery Barn duvet cover and a dresser) but am hoping to sell a bunch more. (So if you need a dining table, craftsman-style light fixtures, entertainment center, guitar, tiling tools, surround sound system or random kitchen cabinets...let me know.)

The rest of the weekend I spent my time making curtains out of the contents of this bag. Can't wait to show you...once they're show-worthy. I'm a bit slow in the sewing department but am loving how they're turning out.

Hope you had a great weekend too!


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