Dec 23, 2011

Have a seat

Remember what happened to our couch? Well...a small miracle of sorts happened and insurance decided to pay our claim! We are very thankful for that because it's not easy to make yourself comfortable on a chair when all you really want to do is lay on a nice roomy sofa.

We had looked on and off to see what prices were like out there. Ouch! One place I went was advertising a 'Huge Sale' and the average price on a sofa the size and style we were looking for was over $3000! I'm going to go out on a bit of a limb here and hope I don't offend any of you...but I think I found a new definition of craziness...

Insanity: Anyone with 4 young children who spends $3000+ on a piece of upholstered furniture.

Our budget for this piece was tight since we had a $1000 homeowners insurance deductible that offset the majority of the insurance money we received. But in the end we found a couch that the hubs and I both agreed on and like and that is as kid-friendly as we could muster. We even decided to pay extra to get 5 year fabric protection (that even replaces the sofa if it is cut with scissors...cuz you know there's a definite possibility that could happen).

The one thing we didn't anticipate is the actual size of the couch. Even though we had measured and knew it would's still shocking how different it looks in my house. The showroom is so huge and the sofa looked like it was a 'normal' size. But once it was delivered I had my doubts the first morning about whether or not it would stay. It's just so.much.bigger.than.I.thought. (It's 7.5ft in one direction and 9ft in the other.)

Now we finally have an arrangement that works and the size has grown on me. The kids love it because the three oldest can all lay down on it and not even touch each other. They also like to point out that there's enough room for our whole family to sit and still have room left for Asher and grandma and grandpa. (Charlie and Amanda...I guess you're not invited...they just want Asher!)

So now when you all come over for a visit there's a place to sit. :)

1 comment:

  1. LOL!. Great. I'll send him down tomorrow. What's postage on a kid-sized box? LOL!

    I love your new couch. super comfy.


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