Dec 2, 2011

What Christmas Decorations??

If you have knew me very well "before" the house know that one of my favorite things was decorating my house for Christmas. I'm the odd one who owned 4 Christmas trees...bin after bin after bin full of decorations...and anything I could get my hands on that was peppermint-scented!
Last year we were living in our rental house while renovating our house and we didn't set up a single decoration. This year, even though we're back in our's not looking good in the Christmas decorating department.

I sold most of my Christmas stuff when we did a big garage sale earlier this year...and feel like I need to learn how to decorate my 'new' house all over again to make it festive. Personally, the kind of 'decoration' I want hung right now isn't twinkly lights and mistletoe...I'd rather hang doors on the closets and rooms! :)

Nevertheless...the festive atmosphere hit our house for a small time today...craft day with the kids!

And may ask...could this crazy looking bunch make? *

While at my parents' for Thanksgiving I raided my mom's Woman's Day magazine and tore out 4 or 5 pages of wreath-making ideas. The one we made today was the one from the cover and we'll be making several of the others this weekend.

The kids helped unwrap over 3 bags of peppermint candies while I was hastily hot-gluing them onto a wreath form. We love how it turned out!

Fingers crossed I won't find anyone licking it...Isa has her eye on it and I wouldn't put it past her. ;)

Have you made anything fun to decorate your home for Christmas?

*Please excuse the odd-looking dining room. It's still a work in progress. Our new dining table gets delivered next week (YAY!), and I have lots of curtains and chair covers to make so we can finally stop using ugly green shower curtain liners as our curtains. :) Soon I'll post more pics of the room since it's been greatly neglected on this blog so far.


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