Jan 16, 2012

Bar stools revealed

Your opinions in our little poll the other day were pretty mixed. About half thought we should choose the tractor seat barstools and half liked the white leather ones. So which did we choose?
We chose the one that got the least votes (woops)...the white metal stools...Option #2!

Here's a peek into our brains on this one.

Option #1 (the tractor seats) was really my favorite and I had been stalking the store to see if I could get a deal. They are made by Thomasville and the lowest SALE price I found was $499. Ouch! The regular price is $599. They are more sturdy and heavy than you can imagine, though. And s.u.p.e.r. comfy. I also liked the fun look of them. After seeing my friend Jen's comment about having some old tractor seats I seriously thought about what I could use for a base to make some stools but had already ordered the ones we got. :)

After daydreaming for a couple months about buying the Thomasville stools, I came to my senses and started online hunting for something else I liked and that would fit in my miniscule budget. The next ones I found were the white leather ones (Option #3). They are from Overstock but were $172.99 each. That sounded better, but still pricey. The other problem with those is that they were wide so we'd only be able to fit 3 stools in the kitchen instead of 4. And since we have 4 kids...we opted to go with 4 stools.

The white metal stools were also from Overstock, found here. But the price was much better at $88.99 for TWO. I had a good coupon code, free shipping, and some credit from their rewards program from a previous purchase (we bought our glass shower door on Overstock) all combining to make the stools less than $40 each! I was pretty excited!

For that price...even if the kids dent them or scratch them (which you know will happen at some point)...I can afford to buy a couple replacements.

The package arrived and we were so excited to see if they fit and what they looked like.

I love them! The kids have already been using them...even though our 'bar top' is currently just a 2x4. I am in love with the kitchen layout and having the kids out of my way while I'm cooking. And they love being able to sit up high on the stools and watch me. Henry even loves playing underneath them and looking for any crumbs the big kids dropped while eating.

I think the wood bar top project just got moved up on the 'to do' list.

Now it feels like the whole kitchen is finally coming together. We have power to all the outlets now. (yay! no more extension cords and we can run the toaster without unplugging something else) We also have all of our overhead lights working, the pendants work (as you can see), the wall sconces work in the nook area and the under cabinet lighting is in! And we finally got the door and drawer pulls on so we can actually get to our silverware. Those little things make me very happy. :)


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