Jan 6, 2012

Belly up to the bar

Remember this post where I asked your opinions on whether or not we should make our peninsula into a raised bar or large counter? Well...oops...I forgot to tell you what we actually did. Lots of people have asked me and I told them but I never posted it for you all to see.

Our decision was...drumroll please...

a raised bar!

And yay, that's what most of you chose too. There are several reasons we decided to raise it up and it's looking good so far. Last weekend we put some of the base trim up in the kitchen but it will probably be a little while before we build the top. We're making it ourselves and some other projects still have to come first. (I guess 'we' and 'ourselves' isn't really true...because I won't have much to do with the building part...love you, honey!) It will be a dark wood and beautiful! :)

Here's what the kitchen looks like at the moment. Back of the bar (still lots to be finished obviously):
 And the view from the sink looking out over where the bar top will be:
The total peninsula (with bar top) will be a little over 3 feet deep and 7 feet long.

We currently have an odd interesting chair sitting at the peninsula that my husband has had for several years. It is super comfy to sit on and it's the perfect place for Henry's high chair right now. Can you guess where it came from?

Maybe if you see the back...

Yes! It's a makeup chair from a mall or something. I don't know the story on how he got it - but it's got to go! (unless someone knows where we can get matching chairs for it - then maybe it could stay - wink, wink)

I've been on the lookout for real bar stools for months and finally found some...I actually ordered them yesterday and they are currently on their way to my front door! But I still love to hear what you think and what you would choose. So opine away please!

Below are my top 3 choices. I'm not dishing about prices yet because as soon as you find out the price of each you'll know which one I chose. But I'll post a picture once the 4 we ordered get into the space and give up the info on prices and where we bought them.

Vote for your favorite at the right. Here are the 'stool samples:' (thank my husband for that one...he wanted that to be the title for this post LOL)

Option number 1:
I first saw these at a local furniture store and fell in love with them...but they were only available in counter height. They are now made in bar height too! They don't raise and lower but are super solid and heavy so the kids can't push them around or tip them over. I love the tractor seat and it's surprisingly comfortable.
Option 2:
I think these are so fun and it's another style that I've only seen in counter height until I came across these. They are really sturdy metal stools that have been powder coated white. (and you know I love white in the kitchen!) They are taller than a typical counter stool and also narrower than normal but since they have the molded seat they are still comfy and the kids won't fall off.
Option 3:
When I think about a kid-friendly upholstery material...leather is the best. (in my opinion) It's easily wipe-able and durable...as long as it's not punctured. (so probably not as pet-friendly but we don't have pets so we're ok there) I love that these have a combination of white, shiny chrome, and dark wood all together. The arms are also a big plus in comfort and making sure the kids don't fall off.

So what do you think? Which one would you choose??
And as a bonus question - I'll tell you that one of these options (that we didn't choose) retails for almost $600 a piece! Leave your guess in the comments. Which one is the crazy budget-breaker?


  1. I voted for option number two- but that's my sensible side. I would really LOVE to choose option 3 for you though. Those have to bee the 600+ ones

  2. Love #3, so I voted for that one but I'd say it has to be the high roller. These are all great stools.

  3. Beautiful! Dave wants you to know we have several old tractor seats in the barn we can dust off for you! ;)

  4. I'm going to say #1. But I bet that's the expensive one. I think you bought #2.


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