Jan 19, 2012

Got mail?

The hubs and I have been gearing up for a little trip without the kids. That is both exciting and sad since it would be fun to let them play at the beach...but on the other hand...it will be nice not to have to worry about them in the ocean either. Mixed emotions but we're mostly excited.

I follow the blog of an adorable little family and remember last year how they made these Valentine's Day mailboxes for each child. It's a fantastic idea for V-day but I thought it would also be a fun little diversion during for the kids during the day while we're away on our trip. Grandma will place a little treat in their mailbox once a day while we're gone. :) Needless to say, the kids are pretty excited.

Here's the inspiration for the mailbox project. (LOVE the Anderson blog, by the way. If you don't already follow it, it's great!)

And here's how it started out. I bought 4 wood candlesticks at Michael's. 4 cute little mailboxes at Target (in the $1 section). A can of white spray paint. And a monogram for each child that were from JoAnn Fabrics (they are actually iron on transfers for t-shirts).

I painted the candlesticks white. Although nothing goes as easily as you think it should and the spray paint didn't stick...at.all! So I had to dig out some white trim paint that we had on hand and after 3 or 4 coats the wood was finally covered. Then I super-glued the mailboxes on the top and glued on the initials.

Love! I think we might just have to keep these around all year for special little surprises.


  1. Super cute! And yes, I will steal that idea!

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