Jan 29, 2012

See ya Seattle

Last week we returned from a fantastic trip to Hawaii! I'll be posting more details about that trip soon but wanted to share some quick pictures from our trip-before-the-trip to Seattle. We made a little pit-stop there for two days on our way out West.

My husband really likes baseball (actually 'really likes' is quite an understatement) and has been to almost every baseball stadium in the country...except the two in Florida, San Francisco, and Oakland...and Seattle - our trip crossed that one off the list. (And he'll get to see the Florida stadiums in a few weeks so he'll be down to 2. I'm guessing a trip to San Fran is in our future soon.)

We arrived in Seattle just in time for snow. It was really beautiful...but since Seattle drivers aren't used to it...it was a bit scary at times. (like when we watched a city bus slide down a hill toward us)

Even though it was snowing I HAD to stop at this store. I will eventually share an entire post about this place with you...I lurv it! There are several things from here that I have been eyeing for months. And, like always, once my husband sees the things I've been talking to him about in person...he's sold too. :)
Onto the baseball stuff...
The snow kept people away from the stadium tour...except us and one other guy. It's kind of fun to have a whole stadium to yourselves.
So where did this stadium rank against the others my hubs has seen? It is one of his favorite 'dome-type' stadiums...but he said he'll never rank a stadium with a roof in the top 10...open air stadiums are his favorites.

Sadly, other than the stadium, we didn't get to do much sightseeing. I pricelined our hotel (I'm a big fan of the 'name your own price' thing and have had fantastic luck with it in lots of different cities...including Seattle) and we were almost next door to the Space Needle. Funny how it looks smaller in person. :)
And last but not least...we got a big laugh out of this little tab in our rental car. Ha!


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