Feb 27, 2012

Clean clothes

Six people in a family = massive amounts of laundry

Thankfully, we have had very understanding family and friends who have let us do laundry at their house for the last 7 or 8 months during our 'homeless' stage and then once we got back into our house but didn't have the washer and dryer hooked up. A BIG thanks to Mom & Dad, the JoMos, and Dawn for letting us crash your laundry rooms from time to time.

So, why didn't we hook up our washer and dryer the instant we moved back into our house? Well...it's a little complicated.

We got rid of the staircase that went to the basement from our kitchen...and it also just-so-happened to be the only way to get the washer and dryer into the space where the hookups were. Woops!

We have a little nook area off the finished basement room that we had planned on becoming a new laundry room...but...we couldn't find a layout that made sense since the washer/dryer combo was too big for the space.

So...what do you do when you can't get your appliances to where they need to go? You break into the wall (or at least widen the existing doorway)!

We have big plans for the laundry area now that everything is hooked up. Someday our extra kitchen cabinets will be put next to the washer and dryer and we'll finish off the area to be light and bright (and not look like a storage room). It will all happen in time...but the laundry refinish is quite a ways down the project list.
Oh well. For now, no complaints because at least we can wash the mountains of laundry we create...and we can wash it in our own house!!

As a side note...the area you see in the picture on the left above is the little nook that used to be a kitchenette - complete with gold/crackly mirrored back-splash and a wood hinged countertop like you'd see in a bar in the Old West. Here are a couple pictures of the beauty it once was.

And you should really thank me for not getting pictures of all the dead mice we found in the cabinets you see here. (they were a nice little housewarming present we found when we moved in) Trust me...the bare concrete and wood studs is an improvement! :)


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