Feb 7, 2012

Custom Cars

For Christmas Elliott was given a couple more sets of Hot Wheels Wall Tracks by us and my parents. He still loves them and now (mostly thanks to another Christmas gift from Grandma and Grandpa C) he has almost 30 cars to play with on them!
The cool thing about these tracks is that you can reconfigure them in endless combinations because the distance to each wall anchor is the same...making the pieces interchangeable. (Man, I wish I had thought of that! Genius!)

Here is the current set up...

And here is an exciting addition to Elliott's car collection...a custom Hot Wheels car with his own picture on it! Another genius at Hot Wheels figured out a way to put a picture and custom wording on a car for a crazy-cheap price! This one was actually free because one of the Wall Tracks boxes had a code in it for a free one. But it's sssssooooo worth the money to bring joy to this sweet little face.
If you have a little car-lover in your life, go make one of these. I think it will be our favorite birthday gift for his little friends too. (although the down-side is that it takes almost 6 weeks to get your custom car)
Of course...since Elliott got to pick the wording he wanted on the sides of his new truck he naturally chose 'Elliott's Awesome!' :) I agree, little buddy.


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