Feb 11, 2012

Give me a deal

I love browsing through some of the daily deal sites, don't you?
Zulily has lots of cute kids' stuff.
The Foundary has mostly home decor...and I've purchased a couple random items from them.
Joss & Main has a lot of cool home stuff too.
Even Target has a daily deal email with a bunch of sales. (They text coupons now to you too...which is great! No more clipping!)

But there's a new site with a cool twist. On LuxeYard you can actually suggest products you want to get a deal on and others can vote. If enough people want the item...they'll try to create a sale. They also have some cool things for sale and with some of them...the more people who buy...the cheaper the item gets. When the sale is over everyone who purchased gets the cheapest price. Cool!

Here are a couple things I love on their site right now.
This first one I would l.o.v.e to have! I've seen them around and I think it would be such a fun way to listen to my ipod! It's on the Concierge part of the site.
Blue is a main accent in our house right now and this little guy would be so cute on our new mantle...that isn't built yet...but I can picture it done and this would be great on it. :)
And this one is pricey but I really like it. Too bad I don't need any more lights. I wonder if I could DIY something like this??

What are the daily deal sites you like?


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