Feb 10, 2012

Lock em up

I love my new pantry-style cabinets and all the organization they bring to my kitchen. So after all the time I took to clean and arrange my pantry...why do I keep finding my cabinets looking like this?
 That doesn't look very organized! Oh wait...there's the little culprit!
 And here are his accomplices...
Seriously, why is it so much fun to pull everything out of the cabinets? Maybe I'd be more ok with this if I didn't have baskets full of toys for them to play with instead.

It took us a while, but we finally got a very important package delivered filled with the kill-joy cabinet locks.
My favorite cabinet locks are from One Step Ahead and they are seriously the only ones I will use. (although I had to get a different kind too because these don't fit inset cabinet doors - bummer)

Why are they so great?
Because the kids can't even budge the cabinet doors. There's no 'tease' factor like you have with other types of locks where the child can open the cabinet just enough to get frustrated and mad that they can't get in all the way. Plus their little fingers are still safe since they can't jam those tiny digits into a slightly open cabinet.

The other thing I love about these (besides the fact they're 'no-drill') is that you can just flip a little switch and the doors will open freely. So if you're in between the age where kids need these locks, you don't have to uninstall them.
They're on the pricey side - but SO worth it. My mixing bowls, spices and cans have been saved! And my kids have been saved from all the icky cleaning products.

Sorry Henry...but I'm sure you'll find another area of the house to mess up...err...I mean...play in.


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