Mar 30, 2012

Basketball...kind of

During Spring Break (from preschool) Elliott went to a sports camp for a week. I got a deal on Groupon to a multi-sports camp where the kids learned the basics of 3 sports: basketball, soccer, and field hockey.

He loved every minute of the camp and I haven't seen him so tired out in a long time!

On the last day of the camp they had a scrimmage...which was pretty hilarious to watch! I saw a couple minutes of the basketball scrimmage after sneaking away from all of this that was going on at my house.
Here are some pictures of my baby in action. (he's the one with the red shirt on)
Here's Elliott not playing defense.
He actually dribbled better than I expected he would. He hasn't had much practice but picked it up quickly.
Every time the buzzer went off to signify the end of the period all the kids plugged their ears! Hehehe
You know this picture will come back to haunt him someday. But I was so glad to capture it in a picture. (I'm such a mean mom!) Every few seconds Elliott (and the other kids) stopped to either dig their undies out of their bums like this or pick their nose. I wonder what age they outgrow that...
And this last shot is funny in a "you had to be there" kind of way. Elliott dribbled down to his basket...and stopped around the 3 point line to get ready for a shot. WHAT? As you can see, there was no one guarding him and they were supposed to take shots close to the basket or learn to pass to a teammate. I guess we have a little ball hog on our hands. :)
We're looking for a baseball program to start Elliott in this summer since that is the sport he seems to be most naturally inclined to do. Although he LOVED floor hockey too...much to his daddy's delight. He even asked if we could get him a pair of skates now since he knows the hockey rules. Hmmmm....we'll see.


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