Apr 30, 2012

Exterior Update

Well, our last little poll was pretty interesting. The Dark Blue and Dark Gray were the only two colors that got votes and they were neck and neck until the very end when Dark Gray pulled ahead.

You'll have to stay tuned for a little while to see what we end up with. We've now painted most of the white trim but haven't started on the color yet. We bought a gallon of our color choice and will start with that to make sure we like it. I hope we do! I want to get this painting thing over with!

Here are a few pictures of the exterior now. It's fun to see changes each week. (although doing the work to get to the changes is honestly getting a bit old by now)

The only part we had to scrape and prep before painting was the 3-season porch since (eventually) we'll be getting new windows there and will need to replace much of the icky parts you see now. But we were quite surprised to find out that the exterior of the porch used to be a barn red color. Interesting.
 As we painted the first coat of white on all the trim...even Elliott got in on helping.
The front of the house is looking SO much better with the white trim! We had to do the trim first so we can get our gutters installed as soon as possible. All of this Spring rain is making us crazy. We cringe every time we hear it raining outside as we guess how much water will be in the basement by the end of the storm. Ugh!
This past weekend was a good one for wrapping up small projects...like lights! We f.i.n.a.l.l.y got to fix some of the electrical problems caused by our drywallers (they worked fast...but damaged or ripped out a ton of the electrical outlets and switches that had already been ready to go...grrrr). We also got to hang the lights at the front of our house! Yay!!!
 And the lights even work! Double yay!
Tonight we put a second coat on most of the white trim and (hopefully) will finish up with that tomorrow. I'll be posting more updates as we get some COLOR on those walls!

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