Apr 1, 2012

Hanging Over

Our front overhang and siding are now pretty much done! At least, the work the contractor did for us is done...the rest of the build out and painting we're going to do ourselves.

Here are a few shots of the whole process:

This is what the front of the house looked like soon-ish after we bought it. (picture is from April 2008)
Then the shrubs in the front of the house all died so we had to take them out. This is also about the time the paint started peeling and we knew painting would be in our future.
After the water damage...we knew we had to get a whole new roof (there were 4 leaks created by the ice dams). We also decided to build out a foot or so extension to the entire roof so that the gutters would hang further away from the walls (in the hopes water would stay away from our walls in the future). And, of course, we had the contractor build an overhang over the front door at the same time. (picture from November 2010)
More details on this process can be found here.
Here's the new roof and overhang. Not finished yet, but looking better already. (November 2010) I was pretty excited to get rid of that icky brown roof!
 The inspiration for the style of our overhang came from this picture:
I took that idea and photoshopped the finished overhang onto our house to get a feel for it as well as figure out where we wanted each type of siding. (more on that here)
And....drumroll please....here's what it looks like today.
It's not painted yet (although we bought the paint yesterday...wahoo!) but it's about as close as you could possibly get to my drawing. A BIG thanks to our contractors. Job well done!

We still have lots left to do with the front stoop area. Once we build a new step and side walls the contractor will come back and finish off the posts to the right height from the ground. But at least we can hang the mailbox (hopefully today) and our new lights were ordered and shipped to us. So sometime soon we'll be able to hang those too. Have I mentioned before how much I love seeing progress??  :)


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