Apr 17, 2012

I'm a fan

Let me say sorry in advance for this one...it's going to be a strange post.

Nine-ish years ago I happened to stumble across a new TV show and the first thing that struck me about the show was the theme song. I had to find out who sang it. And I did...it was Gavin DeGraw. (and the show was One Tree Hill)

I immediately went out and bought Gavin's CD, Chariot. I L.O.V.E.D. it! Seriously.

I have loosely followed his career in the past and always wanted to see him in concert. The problem has been that I really don't have friends that like his music much...and the bigger problem is that Michael isn't a huge fan.

Last winter I heard about a concert Gavin was doing with a couple other artists and my husband graciously agreed to go as an anniversary gift to me! Yay!

We arrived at the concert a little early since it was all open standing room and I wanted to get a good spot. Ha! We were almost the only people there! And...we felt old!

Andy Grammar and Michelle Branch were the other two acts. We really liked Andy Grammar...but got completely bored during Michelle Branch's part. We actually left and got coffee to kill time until Gavin was up.

Here are some horrible pictures of a fun concert (I only had my phone and it was pitch black except for the stage lights...but bad pics are better than none)!
There was NO personality whatesoever in his concert. He just sang a few songs (which was great) but didn't talk to the audience or anything. That was disappointing. It was totally the opposite of Michael Buble's concert (which was the best I've ever been to because of his personality on stage).
So I guess I'm a fan of Gavin DeGraw's music...not so much of Gavin.

When I heard he was going to be on Dancing with the Stars, I thought it was pretty ridiculous...because of the 'no personality' thing. I've never liked watching that show - but I've seen two of them so far this season because I wanted to see how he'd do.

He's marginal...at best. But entertaining none-the-less and I hope it helps his music career so he can put more music out there...which I will listen to and love, I'm sure.


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