Apr 15, 2012

A little entrepreneur

When I was little I tried to set up businesses in lots of ways. I mean, if you're going to do a lemonade stand as a kid, why not make it a profitable one, right? I think my first try at that was in Viroqua, Wisconsin. Fun memories!

In third grade I remember going to my best friend's neighborhood and knocking on doors to ask parents if they would pay me to tutor their kids in something. Weird...but true. It was the thrill of setting up an idea and maybe making money from it that made it exciting.

The desire to build ideas into businesses is innate to some.

If I sit around too long, I can't help but start a new company or write a new business plan. And yes, I'm even working on one right now. (of course...because I always have something rattling around in my brain as a possibility)

I wanted to share this video, in case you haven't seen it. Pretty amazing stuff from a little boy...a little entrepreneur. Take 10 minutes and watch the 9 year old boy's story.

Way to go Caine...and way to go Nirvan!!


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