May 16, 2012

An annoying project

If you're anything like have a long list of tiny, annoying house projects that seem to pile up. I remember my sister-in-law saying once for her birthday that her husband's gift to her was finishing up a slew of those kinds of projects. Lucky lady!

We have a gazillion annoying projects that aren't earth-shattering...but need to be done! Hanging our basement TV on the wall was one such project.

After getting almost completely done remodeling our basement...we had to stop because of the water damage. So...for 3-ish years the basement has looked pretty much the same. When we were 'homeless' Michael slept in the basement and the TV was put on a bench at the far end of the room. (with no service...he could only watch DVDs or whatever we had recorded on our DVR before we moved out of our rental) Warning...this picture is scary...and shocking to think back to Michael living like this for almost 6 months! (Mostly because this picture was taken a couple months into our homeless phase. When Michael first moved into the basement there were kitchen cabinets and stuff stored down here and he just had to make enough room to lay down.) SO glad this is behind us!
We always meant for the TV to be above the fireplace. So when we all moved back into the house we put it there...but never hung it on the wall. It just sat there in a pile of dust as debris from projects going on in the rest of the house made its way down to this area.
But hey...even though it looks really rough and icky (to me, anyway)...the fireplace used to look like this: ('s good to see how far we've come!)
The kids like to watch their little shows in the basement and the Wii is there. We're constantly afraid that they'll try to climb up on the fireplace and pull the TV down to get to a game, etc. So, it was time to hang that baby up!
After a few disappointing minutes when we realized the TV hanging hardware we had wasn't going to work (woops)...we just used one that was intended for our bedroom TV (which we still don't have) and plan B worked just fine. (despite the extra holes you see that had to be cut out so the cords had enough room to actually plug into the back of the TV...woops again)
After 4 hours (I wish I were kidding...our speedy project took a long time)...the TV was up. And tuned into hockey, of course. :(
One annoying project down...only 100 or so left to go! Ahhh...the joys of home ownership!


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