May 29, 2012

Elliott's Big News

At the end of this post I said Elliott would have some news to share. And, even though some of you asked, the answer is NO...he's not announcing that he'll have another sibling. Whoa! Let's not jump to conclusions, now. :)

Elliott's little 5-year-old self has been up to a lot lately. Preschool graduation was a couple weeks ago. I always thought the idea of 'graduation' from preschool was ridiculous but he did look pretty adorable in his blue cap and gown!
He did a great job singing all 9 songs at his preschool program. (yes, they sang 9 for each month of school) I was shocked that he knew most of the songs because he won't sing for me at home and rarely talks about what he learns in school. Who knew he had learned so much? I wonder what else is in that brain...

But his biggest news is that he lost his first tooth! It was loose for a couple days and then...out it came. Such a milestone in a little life! He was so excited and had to share the news with the lady at the checkout counter at the grocery store...and the random people he would see out and about. His excitement was pretty cute!
We did the whole hide-your-tooth-under-your-pillow thing. I asked him how much money he thought he'd get and he said, "TEN!" I was scared when I thought he meant ten dollars...but he actually just wanted ten of the big coins. (aka quarters) $2.50 in quarters seemed pretty reasonable and Elliott was thrilled!

Sigh. He's growing up!


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