May 21, 2012

Kids love bugs

It amazes me every time my 'girly-girl' Emma wants to show me a worm or a bug of any kind. When do kids grow out of that? I remember being little and running around with my cousin on my grandpa's farm looking for crickets. Ewww. But for kids, it's fun.

We recently got a Groupon for Insect Lore. They send you a jar with 5 caterpillars and you watch their transformation into butterflies (over a couple of weeks). It was pretty interesting and the kids loved it!

Here are the caterpillars right after we got them. They were so tiny...just little specks in the jar.
But they grew to be many times their original size. Here you can see one of the caterpillars already turned into a chrysalis and the others are about to.
Part of the kit is a butterfly habitat. Once all the caterpillars have become chrysalis (chrysalises or chrysali???) , you put them in the mesh habitat and wait for them to 'hatch.' All of our butterflies hatched within a day or so of each other. We watched them for a couple days and then took them outside to free them. (Isa loved carrying them around...and I love seeing Isa with a dress on and rubber boots. Especially when the boots are on the wrong feet!) ;)
Henry was fascinated too.
Emma said from the very first day she saw the butterflies that she wanted to 'hold one.''s a bit difficult to hold them but it didn't stop her. Here she is grabbing one as it tried to fly to freedom. We're hopeful it survived the overabundance of Emma's loving on it.
Once the butterflies flew was back to business as usual outside. And this little boy...
...can hit the tar out of a baseball! Even with that skinny little bat.

By the way...Elliott has big news to share in the coming days!


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