May 7, 2012

Where the Green Grass Grows

I wanted to do something fun to decorate my dining table for Spring. We've been so busy remodeling since we moved back into our house in October, that I haven't really decorated much. But now I feel I can do bits of decorations here and between the other projects.

I was inspired to try to grow some wheat grass. So I bought some wheat grass seeds and soil and found a window box insert container at Home Depot. The plan was for the hubs to make a planter box to go around it...but the grass grew so fast we didn't get around to it!

This is what the grass looked like about 10 days after I put the seeds in the soil. It was so long I had to cut it! It's actually quite difficult to get grass evenly cut when you're using scissors. Oh well.
The container I bought fit on the side of our kitchen bar perfectly. Who needs a bar top?? (ha, ha, ha...Honey, if you're reading this...I'm totally kidding...I REALLY need a bar top)
I had some pretty scrapbook paper around and found this idea for a craft. The kids love pinwheels so we made our own and stuck them in the grass. (although this was almost 2 weeks later from the pictures above and the grass was on its way out) Instead of putting our pinwheels on top of pencils like in the tutorial we used...we went out and found sticks to hook them to.
And as I was getting a picture of the little display...look who decided to show some brotherly love. Awww!
I'll definitely try to grow the grass again in the future. It would be SO fun to have green grass growing in the middle of winter. But hopefully we can build a pretty box for the grass to sit in for next time.
Have you ever tried to grow wheat grass?


  1. no but im going to now! looks awesome on our same table!!! btw I love love that table.

    1. I love that table too! What else do you do when you decorate yours? I'd love to see and hear ideas that make the table look amazing!


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