May 30, 2012

Which door color?

Update - the poll is closed but it was fun to see which door color everyone chose. Here was the breakdown:
22% Blue
16% Red
33% Bright Yellow
5% Green
22% Soft Yellow

So, now that the exterior house painting is under's time to choose a color for our front, small garage and back doors. (this will probably also be an accent color for the plants we put in the window boxes, flower pot colors, etc.)

I know which one I want...but Michael isn't a fan. So, we want to hear what you would choose. (You can vote on the poll above our family pic.)

Right now, our front door is red but the shade of red is too dark now that the house is such a dark color. We want something light and bright. This is what the back door currently looks like:
Which one of these new colors do you like best? (and don't look at the door style - just the color)

Bright Blue
 Bright Red
 Bright Yellow
 Bright Green
 Soft Yellow
If you're not a fan of any of these options, comment below and tell me what you'd choose and why. We're excited to hear what you think because the door color will make such a huge difference! It will go a long way to making the house feel more 'finished.'


  1. I think I like all of them except the bright green. That looks crazy to me. Hard to say what my favorite is! Before I scrolled down, I was picturing a red with a very slight rust to it, rather than the fire engine red you have shown here. But that might be a bit too predictable for you.

  2. Bright Blue. I think it will look modern.


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