Jun 4, 2012

Birthday Dress

Emma recently turned 4 and I made my birthday girl a special dress for her special day. I started this tradition with Isa's second birthday and thought it would be great to continue it.

Emma's big day was actually on Mother's Day and we had planned to go to a fun tea at our church. Emerald was SO excited to get dressed up and go to a tea party BUT...we ended up finding a great hotel deal and went to a waterpark hotel instead. She was thrilled with that, of course, but never got to wear her pretty dress.

One of these days I'll take her to tea so she can wear it. Not only will she be happy about that, but the dress was a big project for me so I'll be happy to see it get some use too! :)

The inspiration for the dress came from this picture I found on pinterest:
The dress (and image) is made from a pattern on a site called Violette Field Threads. I fell in love with the pink chevron (and that hat)...but Emma wanted her dress to have flowers on it. Since it was her birthday, she won, but I'm still dreaming about this pink chevron. Maybe Isa will let me make one for her out of it!

I learned some new techniques while sewing this dress. It was my first time using an online printable pattern (and now I'm hooked on them). It was also my first time making my own bias tape. I was pretty scared of that but it was easy peasy. Another first was making a dress out of this material. Emma picked out the fabric 'all by herself' and it was linen. Cute, but it frays like mad. Cotton is easier.

And here's my adorable girl in her cute little dress! (the back is my favorite) The stinker wouldn't stay still for any pictures...but I think you'll get the idea.

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