Jun 20, 2012

Hello. Yellow.

I can FINALLY share the new door color! Some will think it's crazy. I think it's fun and happy.

After hearing from everyone on this post my mind was made up. I had been wanting a yellow door but Michael wasn't sure it would look good. Lucky for me...he had to work out of town and was gone for a whole week. When he came back the door was yellow. :) Sneaky, yes. But sometimes you have to see it before you know if you like it.

For now...we like it. Although I've already picked out a fiery red that I may paint it when we get closer to the Fall. The yellow/gray color combination is an obvious trend right now...but the beautiful thing about painting a door is that it only takes a couple hours...and $20 or less. Not bad for a big change.

Just take a look at the before and after. Hello. Yellow.

I knew I wanted words for the front door and after seeing the color a word came to mind. This yellow color screams the word HELLO to me.
I ordered the words from UppercaseLiving although, sadly, I don't think I'll ever order anything from them again. It took 2 weeks for the simple letters to arrive...and they were the wrong color! It's supposed to be black! For now, I'm going to leave the white lettering and maybe go buy a mini Cricut to make my own phrases whenever I want.

The color of the exterior of our house is called Urbane Bronze from Sherwin Williams. (It's actually part of the new HGTV collection.) We used their best exterior paint called Duration, in satin. I LOVE this color. To me, it looks gray most of the time but in certain light it has a brown undertone. Michael only sees brown in it, no gray at all. It's weird how two people can see colors so differently!

The door color is also from Sherwin Williams...called Cheerful. (and cheerful it is) I went to Lowe's to check out a few other color options and, since I was already there when I decided on Cheerful, I color matched it to a Valspar paint. Beautiful!
I painted 3 exterior doors with this yellow color...along with two light fixtures and I'm working on cheer-ing up a couple other things with this color for the outside of our house. I'll share the rest of the yellow party once it's all done.

So what do you think? Crazy? Or cheery?


  1. Interesting fact #37. Around 11:30am a small slice of the sun's rays slip through the giant oak canopy and project onto the well shaded exterior of the house. The sole recipient of mother nature's light is the "cheerful" service door to the garage. We've actually got an accented accent by accident!!

    Nothing like accenting bright yellow with a spot of fresh sun. I think we should camoflage the inside of the door to match the walls

  2. ^ funny. And I like it. I like bold.


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