Jul 31, 2012

an exciting sight in my kitchen

We have now been back and living in our house for about 8 months. The house is far from done still (sadly) but the things left to be done are annoying...and not entirely disruptive to our day-to-day lives. You know, things like the fact that we never had a shower in our main floor bathroom before...and we've lived fine without one so far (although I can't wait for it to be done).

The biggest annoyance left is that we still don't have a working oven. The oven itself works, it just doesn't have any power to it since we have to upgrade our entire electrical service just to get the stove working. (cha-ching - it costs some major cash to do that so we're putting it off as long as possible)

Overall, we've learned different ways to cook everything thanks to a few key appliances (and the grill this summer has been fantastic). But no matter what magic we can whip up around a hot pot...we do miss baked things.

So this is a glorious sight in my kitchen! Cake!
I was in Target one day and saw a mini 'tea' cake maker in the 70% off clearance section! I snatched it up to try it and it makes some delicious mini cakes! The one above is actually a Boston Cream Pie recipe and was delish.

I still look forward to baking a lasagna in the future...but for now, these little cakes are making us remember the fun of an oven!


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