Jul 2, 2012

dancing sisters

Emma went to Princess Dance Camp last week and loved it! Isa was too young this year...but that didn't stop her from getting in on the fun too.

There is nothing sweeter than an adorable little girl in a pink tutu! :)

Isa got all dressed up to go watch her sister's recital. And I could not get enough of her dancing around. SO cute!
Emma marched right into the dance studio in front of everyone and hammed it up in her performance. Part of the camp was dance, part was tumbling, crafts, and even some work on public speaking. Emma looked poised at the mic...but didn't open her mouth. She just made gestures to show how old she was and her teacher had to tell us her name and what Emma's favorite thing was. I guess we'll need to keep working on public speaking. :) And...I have no idea why she didn't wear her dance shoes. She had them with her, but opted for the hot pink flip flops instead. Go figure.
Tumbling! Emma showed off her bear crawl and somersaults. It was pretty cute how she'd put her head on the mat and look at us to make sure we were watching her. :)
The girls did a performance of Cinderella. This picture cracks me up every time I look at it! Ha, ha, ha! Here the girls are acting out their shock that the clock is striking midnight and they need to run away...
Look Mom, I got to wear makeup! The sisters had fun together dancing around. Emerald offered to 'show Isa some moves' and they danced around together. (with Henry close behind, of course...he's quite a dancer)

 At the end of the recital, Isa asked if it was her turn to dance. So...out she went in front of everyone.
And this is the face of a very sad little girl who was told we have to leave...before she felt like she had a good performance!
I don't know if or when the girls will take more dance classes in the future. It was probably more fun for me to see them all girly-ed up and cute than for them to actually dance. It was a fun thing to try...although we are pretty convinced that Emma's natural talent is in something art related and Isa is a little gymnast. So maybe we'll find a way to try out those things next.


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