Jul 9, 2012

Who needs a shower?

I do. In my Master Bathroom, please!

We are f.i.n.a.l.l.y. getting done with our master shower and it's looking gorgeous with a capital G! I can't WAIT to be able to take a shower in my own bathroom, and without having to run upstairs. And I'm really looking forward to not having to get up extremely early to shower! (If I wait until a decent time there's too much of a chance I'll wake the kids...and if I wait until they're awake I can't get 10 minutes of privacy to actually take a shower...O, the plights of parenthood!)

Here's the update on what my fabulous hubs has been up to the past few weekends...starting with a little before picture and some progress pics from last year.

Sadly, this is the only picture I can find of the old bathroom. It was TINY...as in...when you sat on the 'throne' your knees would touch the wall. Crazy! There was just a small pedestal sink below the mirror and a toilet and some textured walls above the chair rail that were funky. The tiles in this bathroom were huge - so there were only 4 or 5 tiles across to reach from one side of the room to the other. (And look at my itty bitty Elliott...Michael took this picture on the first day he ever watched the little guy by himself. I think Elliott was about 7 weeks old.)
Then the water damage happened and the walls came out. This was the bathroom a little over a year ago... This view is looking at the newly created shower area after we stole some square footage from a closet to make a master shower out of it.
Almost exactly a year ago Michael put in this beautiful carrera marble floor...
It wasn't until 2 or 3 months after we moved back into the house that we finally got the lights to the bathroom hung and I found a mirror I liked. The shower is to the right of the vanity and the door you can see in the picture was put in as part of the renovation. This is the only bathroom on our main level so in the past our friends and family had to walk through the extra bedroom to use the restroom...and it was weird. So now there are two doors...one from our new master bedroom...and one from the living room. It's still a tiny bathroom but functions SO much better than it did!
Onto the shower progress...

A couple weekends ago Michael got the floor put in. It's the same marble and shape as the rest of the bathroom only smaller. It took a long time to get all the tiles put in perfectly but my husband is a perfectionist and did an amazing job! See all the tiny slivers of tile around the drain? Perfection.
Then it was time to tackle the big 'feature wall.' He started by laying out the tiles in the garage to figure out where to put the joints and where cuts were needed.
 The cutting process was very tedious. Have I mentioned he's a perfectionist? :)
The back wall took a whole weekend to do because of all the cuts and the shear number of lines that had to be level.
Grout time! Grout makes a HUGE difference! When you have a ton of skinny tiles like these were...the grout lines account for 30 or 40 percent of what your eyes see. We chose an unsanded white grout and it made everything look clean and sparkly!
This past weekend was mostly taken up by figuring out exactly how we wanted to trim everything out. We chose threshold pieces, decided on where the shower door will be put and what the tile around it will look like, and did the 'soap nook' where we'll keep shampoo and stuff. It has a pretty little glass shelf and will have some nice accent tile around it soon.
Michael also started working on one other wall. The tiles we chose for the rest of the shower are bigger, but still the same marble. In total we have 5 different profiles of the same marble tile. It was all purchased from The Tile Shop.
 Hopefully after one more weekend we'll have a finished shower! YAY!

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