Aug 25, 2012

Dapper Henry

So my sewing obsession continues...and I finally made some boys' clothes! LOVE! Now I can see gazillions of possibilities for my little men. :)

You've seen me share lots of things I've made for the girls (like here, here, here, here, here, and here). I've made curtains for our house (and sewn a few more things that I haven't posted yet like a pouf and a bench cushion...that hopefully will show up on the blog in the near future). I even made a dress for myself.

But so far the only thing I've made for one of my boys was Elliott's paint shirt. I love how that turned out, but it still wasn't an actual piece of normal clothing.

Yesterday the sewing bug hit me and I made Henry a pair of pants, a hat, suspenders, AND a bowtie! I spent a total of about $12 and a few hours...not bad for a whole new outfit for my littlest buddy!

And how cute is he?? (even though he can't stop making weird faces when I take his picture) LOVE this boy!
The hat is even reversible. (Pattern from here.) One side is black and the other side is gray. The hat pattern is the only one I purchased - all the other patterns were free tutorials on various blogs. (pants from here, bow tie from here, and suspenders here) Who knew it was easy to sew a little newsie cap like this? And cheap? (and I have to point out that what looks like lint or fuzz on the black cap is actually rain drops - it started raining while I was getting Henry's pics)
I made the bowtie with some leftover fabric from a jacket I made for Isa's birthday. (her birthday is in a few weeks so you'll see it then - the girl is obsessed with anything purple) The pants were the fastest part of the whole outfit. I think there are many more new pairs of pants in this little boy's future. Easy peasy! And you can make them from a fabric remnant. Cheap, comfy, and adorable.
The suspenders are one of my favorite things. I've seen lots of the ones that clip but loved the idea of the old fashioned button suspenders. (reminiscent of Little House on the Prairie don't ya think?)

We have a big family wedding coming up (yay!) and I have several projects to sew for that. I'm sewing my own dress, the girls' flower girl dresses...AND Michael said this week that he would wear a shirt and bowtie if I made it for him! :)

We are continuing to work on the house and I had a little epiphany this week. I want to turn the little nook (seen here - it used to be a bar) from our basement into a sewing/crafting area! Michael agreed that it would be perfect and I couldn't be more excited!! If only we could finish up the main floors so we could start working on it.


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