Aug 23, 2012

Emma without curls?

Emma has curly hair. Her curls are a big part of her personality. Wild. Cute. Crazy. High maintenance.

But just for fun...I decided to straighten her hair one day. It didn't suit her at all but it was fun to try. I've made her a couple new outfits recently (making clothes for the girls is my new mini-obsession) so we set up a little photo shoot for her with her straightened hair and new outfits.

I made the little skirt and top she's wearing under the jacket (from Target - so cute). And you can't tell from the picture above, but in the pink top she was actually wearing another new skirt I made with some hot pink tiger print. :)

I took all of these pictures in the girls' room and realized I've never blogged about their room. I'll try to do that soon...but for now you can see the curtains I made them in the photo below.
At the end of this post I mentioned some online sewing classes I was taking at I took one called Kids Romper Revamp and made a cute little dress for Emma. (I made a dress even though it was a class on making a romper. Little miss Emma is a dress girl all the way - no rompers for her.) You can get the pattern directly from Figgy's Patterns if you want to make the dress or romper.

Elliott was completely fascinated by Emma's straight hair. Michael hardly recognized Emma when he saw her. The funny thing was that she walked around with straight hair for a couple hours and then it was time for bed. By the time she woke up she was back to her normal, curly self.


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