Aug 4, 2012

Jump in the Lake II

Last year I posted a few pics and highlights of our time at the cabin in Minnesota. We went again this year for a really short time but had fun with family. It's amazing to me to see the difference in the kids each year as I look back at pictures.

Here are this year's highlights:
The kids had fun with Uncle James...even after he tried throwing them off the dock! :)
Elliott had his first wasp sting. Ouch! Good thing Grandma was there for lots of hugs and comfort.
Big feet...little feet. Henry loved sitting on the swing with us and cuddled longer than he ever has. Ever. It was SO fun to swing with him!
Isa got a canoe ride with Daddy. This girl would stay on a boat all day if you'd let her. And she loved to paddle and 'help' although dropping the paddle in the water over and over isn't very helpful.
Emma is a funny girl. She is girly in every way you can think of...except when it comes to the outdoorsy stuff and then she forgets about being the 'princess' and gets excited about getting dirty, holding animals, and was fascinated to watch her Uncle Scott clean a fish. She even asked for a chair so she could watch more closely! (although she refused to eat any of it later after it was cooked)
The absolutely amazing thing to me is looking back at past years. Side-by-side here's Elliott by a canoe this year and two summers ago (and for the life of me...I can't remember how he got that black eye back then). And look at tiny Emma! Time flies. Seriously.


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