Sep 24, 2012

Celebrate Isa

Isa had a fun birthday. Here are a few highlights:

My girl wanted a tea party to celebrate her birthday. We still mostly do small family birthdays so we set up a tea party in the girls' room with lots of yummy snacks. I didn't set it up as elaborately as this one we did for Valentine's Day, but Isa was thrilled with it!
I made Isa a birthday outfit...just like I did last year. She actually still wears last year's dress all the time (even though it's way too short for her now) and she loves this outfit too. I think this one is more practical for play and just wearing every day too. Although, these pictures are terrible. She would not stand still and kept jumping every time I tried to take a pic. Silly girl.

Here are her new little leggings and shirt. The top was actually the first thing I've made without a pattern. I just found the cute purple ruffle fabric as a remnant and played around with it until I came up with this shirt design.
 The jacket is my favorite part. It's reversible and looks SO cute on her! Here's the soft purple side:
And here's the plaid side. This side is her favorite because it has pockets...and she loves the clasp on the front. Apparently, this is her 'model pose.'
And here's the back of the jacket. The jacket pattern is the Molly jacket from Violette Field Threads. The leggings are a modified Petunia Petal Pants from LilyGiggle. I just made them longer and didn't add the petal at the bottom.
Isa picked out a polk-a-dot cake and was quite excited to blow out the candles. Although, she cried to me later because she said she forgot to make a wish.
She got some fun presents too! Pretty things for her hair, a purple gumball machine/bank, a humongous magnifying glass, and some purple dress-up wings.
 I think 3 will be a good year for this special girl!

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