Sep 13, 2012

Costume preview

For some reason, I decided to take on the crazy task of making all of my kids' trick-or-treating costumes this year. The insane part is that I'm sewing those along with MANY other things...super hero capes for all of Elliott's little friends for his birthday in a couples weeks, birthday clothes for Isa (a dress, leggings, and jacket), plus flower girl dresses for my brother's wedding and some little things for the boys to wear to the wedding.

If I'm lucky, I'll get it all done PLUS a dress for me and a shirt and tie for Michael to wear to the wedding. T-minus 4 weeks to get all of this done!

The costumes can be finished up once we get home from the wedding, but I couldn't resist getting started on Henry's. It's almost done and I'm loving my little chunky 'thing.' I'm not sure what to call him in this costume - a dinosaur? monster? lizard? chicken? Whatever it's cute.

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