Oct 16, 2012

Big Wedding Weekend...Picture Overload

My baby brother Andrew got married this past weekend! I love my new sister-in-law, Christen, and the wedding was beyond beautiful!! Congratulations to the newlyweds!

I acted like a crazy paparazzi for most of the weekend and snapped pictures of e.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g I could. I couldn't help it...fall in central Pennsylvania is gorgeous, and I didn't want a moment to be missed from this special occasion. (I learned the hard way how sad it is if the professional photographer is the only one taking pictures...if you don't like what they captured...you're out of luck!)

So here are loads of pictures and I can't wait to see more from their "real" photographer and other friends.

The day before the wedding was spent getting the barn ready for the reception. Gorgeous leaves were hung from the ceiling and lots of twinkly lights and candles were placed to light up the rustic barn.
Every time Andrew knew I was taking his picture, he would flash this cheesy smile.
The tables are starting to come together with beautiful old lace on top of white tablecloths and then burlap to top it all off.
 Christen's Grandpa checking out the barn.
 Looking beautiful.
 "Christen won't let me shave for the wedding."
We stayed at a gorgeous Bed and Breakfast. Our side of the family had the whole house to ourselves and it worked out perfectly! There was a little pond in front of the house where the kids skipped rocks and lots of picturesque places.
Back at the house folding napkins. The little girls were great 'helpers.'
 Entering the church for the rehearsal.
 "Please take this tie off of me!"
The kids got lots of instruction on what they needed to do. Five kids ages 1, 2, 3, 4, and 6 were in the wedding! (my four plus my nephew, Asher)
 Practicing their first steps as Mr. and Mrs! Emma looks thrilled. :)
The morning of the BIG day! Uncle Andrew and soon-to-be Aunt Christen gave out some fun gifts to the kids at the rehearsal dinner. It kept everyone occupied the morning of the wedding.
Just chillin with the fam. It's amazing how much less stressful it is on the Groom's side. We pretty much sat around most of the morning.
 Let's go bro. Time to get married!
 "Grandpa...Mommy made me wear this and I don't want to. Please help me!"
"I made it to the church...can I have a sucker now please?" (and yes, we bribed them BIG time to get down the aisle)
 Entering the back of the church to walk down the aisle.
All five kids made it down the aisle. Although, this is during the actual ceremony when my Dad had to go get Henry because he stopped half way to look around at all the people.
 Here comes the bride...
It was SO fun to sit in the front row (something I'm sure I won't get to do again at a wedding until it's time for one of my kids to be married). This is Christen's Dad giving away his daughter and saying to Andrew "Take care of her."
 The next time they walk on these stairs they'll be Mr. and Mrs!
 Dad took a picture of the couple in the middle of the ceremony. Don't you love technology? :)
 Emma had some less-than-ladylike moments.
 Elliott propped himself up on the stage a few times but overall did pretty well standing there.
Emerald decided to build a little tower with the rose petals she was supposed to throw as she walked down the aisle. It kept her occupied and quiet during the ceremony...and then she threw the petals down for Christen on the way back. Silly girl.
 Mr. and Mrs.!
Isa sat with my parents during the ceremony but surprised us all when she walked right out to hold Julie's hand. She didn't want to miss out on the fun of walking down the aisle again!
I love this picture because, again, since I was in the front row I got to see and hear things you couldn't otherwise. Here Christen hugged my parents and was saying how if she ever wanted to know what Andrew would look like when he's older...she just has to look at my Dad. :)
 Waiting for the couple and getting a glimpse at their secret get-a-way car.
 And what a car it was!

 Back inside for pictures.
 As Emma threw petals, Isa picked them up! (I made their dresses using the Chloe pattern from Violette Field Threads.)
Back outside for pictures...
I never got a great shot of the leaves in the hills around central PA. Gorgeous! This was the drive on the way to the reception.
 The candy bar. The kids LOVED this! (and...so did we!)

I wanted to see the cake cutting...but of course...my camera battery died right as I got this shot. I quickly plugged it in for a few minutes while eating my cake. YUMMMM! This was my favorite wedding cake ever! It was pumpkin cake with regular yummy frosting. (not cream cheese and if you know me...you know I hate cream cheese) Best.wedding.cake.ever! Plus, it was gorgeous!
 The dance with my mom and Andrew was so cute! I laughed out loud when I heard my mom say to him "this song is really long!"
We had to leave a couple hours before the bride and groom did so we could drive 4.5 hours to Cleveland where Michael was flying out the next morning. But it was SUCH a fun weekend and we couldn't be happier for Andrew and Christen!!

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  1. Beautiful bride! I love Pennsylvania. My favorite pic is Elliot walking down the road at sunset!


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