Oct 29, 2012

Fun with building materials

The kids think Michael is a lot more fun than me! I can rarely play with them without thinking about the aftermath of cleaning up that inevitably follows. Daddy doesn't think about that...he just plays. And the kids always have fun. Here are a couple examples of recent fun Michael came up with and the kids latched onto. He is exceptionally good at inventing creative ways to play with building materials...which we have an abundance of laying around our house.

Bubbles + PEX tubing (aka - water tubing...what used to be copper pipes that carried your water throughout your house is now pretty much made out of this material) = crazy huge bubbles
Pipe insulating foam + painter's tape + PVC pipes and toilet paper tubes = marble amusement parks
On this particular design, the marbles even go upside down in their own little roller coaster made by cutting pipe insulating sleeves in half and taping them together. The kids loved this, but also love playing with a very elaborate PVC pipe system that can be put together to run the entire length of their rooms.
 Daddy is definitely 'funner' than Mommy!


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