Oct 21, 2012

Grating Butter??

I love Saturday mornings, even though we don't get to sleep in (thanks to the internal clocks of our children that won't let them stay in bed even 5 extra minutes on weekends...grrr). But it's so great to have my partner in crime life around...and even though the kids don't...he lets me be a little lazy sometimes and stay in bed while he cooks breakfast!!

The past few weeks we've been loving the arrival of pumpkin pancake mix to the stores. Target has a particularly good one, although this weekend we also tried a locally made mix that was also delish. Michael made the yummy pumpkin pancakes and when I came into the kitchen he had a plate all made up...just for me. He's the best!

But...he has some quirks. This is a good one, and not one I would ever have thought to do. Since we keep our butter in the fridge, it's always really hard. I usually cut a tiny slab and put it on the warm pancakes to let it melt...but Michael takes the super cold butter and GRATES it with a cheese grater! Have you ever done that?

It works pretty well and you will definitely not hear any complaints out of me because I get to enjoy them, and not cook them. :)

And, in case you were wondering...NO...we don't have a working stove yet. We cook our pancakes on a little wok-like griddle. In the picture above you can see that the hubs was also making eggs in said griddle (which is on loan from my parents since they took pity on us only having a microwave to heat things up in). We also attempt to make pasta in it since it can almost get water to boil. It's rather amazing how creative you can get to cook food without a stove or oven when you need to.

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  1. I think the grating cold butter idea is brilliant! (weird, yes. but brilliant!)


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