Oct 7, 2012

I would never...

I would never come up with the idea to sew outfits for 5 children who are going to be in a wedding. That would be crazy and would require hours at a sewing machine. Nope, I would never do that.

I also would never put pressure on myself to make a cute little outfit for each of my girls on their birthdays. Especially when one of those birthdays was around the time of the aforementioned wedding. Never.

And I really would never also decide that I wanted to make my own dress to wear to the wedding...and then take it a CRAZY step further and decide to make Michael's shirt and suit too. (seriously, who in their right mind would try to sew a suit...aren't there stores that have nice suits to buy???)

If you did these things, I would think you had lost your mind. Then if you added to this craziness by agreeing to make 15 super hero capes for a certain 6 year old birthday boy to give to his classmates (the day before you leave for the wedding), I would know you've lost your mind.

I'm SO glad my friends are all sane and none of you would do those things.

Now, my overnight break-to-sleep is over, and I have to get back to my sewing machine. (oh yeah, and then to my chiropractor to fix the spinal issues I'm giving myself from sitting slumped over my sewing machine for hours on end) If any of you ever hear me talking about trying to sew everything under the sun at the same time again, please stop me and refer me back to this post.

...well...maybe wait until after Christmas because I still have all of our Halloween costumes and a bunch of Christmas presents to sew. Yeah, after Christmas please stop me if I try to take on too much.
Thanks, you're the best!


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