Oct 23, 2012


Elliott turned SIX two weeks ago! Whoa...time better start slowing down. Six years have gone way too fast!

Last year, on Elliott's fifth birthday, we were still living with my parents! So I guess time is relative, it goes by quickly when you look at how much your kids change, but it seems like we've been back in our house f.o.r.e.v.e.r. and it's only been a year.

Anyway...here are some highlights from my boy's big birthday.
We brought lunch to Elliott at school to celebrate. His request? Burger King. He wanted a crown. :) We sat with a couple of his little friends who were SO funny. I love hearing little kids talk to each other. Random!
We also brought a cake to share with his whole class after lunch. It was one of those cupcake cakes...all frosted to look like a sheet cake. Elliott loved it...and the monster truck on top.

There are lots of things we are loving about the Christian school where Elliott attends...and here's a small example. Even on your birthday, they are taught to serve others first. So the birthday boy handed out a cupcake to each person in his class before he could take one.
Then...we brought a little surprise with us for the whole class. Remember this post where I talked about sitting at my sewing machine for days on end? Well, it was worth it for the reaction from these little ones.

Before they even knew what the 'surprise' was...the little red haired girl said "Let's give him some love" and proceeded to almost tackle Elliott with a sweet hug. Everyone else followed her and before long, there was quite a pile up on our boy. These kids were excited!
Elliott's teacher made a special crown for him and he sat on the 'birthday stool' in front of the whole class while we sang to him. His grin was SO cute!
Then, it was time for the surprise. All the kids put their heads down on their desks while Elliott handed out the capes. He and his teacher put their capes on and told everyone to open their eyes.
There were some VERY excited kids! They flew around the room for a while and then sat nicely for a group picture. It's pretty fun giving other people presents on your birthday. :)
After school, Elliott had requested that we go bowling. The bummer was that all of the bowling places were full of leagues and had no open lanes. After brainstorming about what we could do instead, I remembered hearing about a fun trampoline park nearby. Off we went and the kids (and Michael and I) had a BLAST!
We seriously didn't want to leave. Henry even loved jumping into the big foam pit. It was a Tuesday night so it wasn't that busy, except for a big group of snowboarding buddies who come once a week to practice their tricks on the trampolines. They were pretty fun to watch. Elliott decided to try some of the tricks. Not bad, little man. He was jumping into handstands and off the trampoline walls. So.much.fun!
Back at home we got to finish up the cupcakes that were left. Daddy got creative with the candle placement...
 And Elliott got to blow them out as we celebrated another year in this special boy's life.
 Happy Sixth Birthday Elliott!


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