Nov 26, 2012

An Eventful Holiday

Our Thanksgiving was...interesting. It started out really well but quickly made us increasingly more thankful for good health since most of our family got sick! Ugh!

Wednesday the 21st was Henry's second birthday! We celebrated with cupcakes at breakfast so we could get on the road early to visit Michael's family. Henry had no complaints! :)
We stopped to have some birthday fun and were pleasantly surprised to see how few people were out and about on Thanksgiving-eve. Note to self: it's the best night to shop and escape the crowds for the holiday season.

Can you guess where Emma and I went?
We took her American Girl, Molly, to the doll hair salon. She needed a spa day in the worst way. (And please forgive her lack of pants in these pictures. I'm working on making her some since her original outfit didn't survive the wash and no longer fits her.)
Emma thought the whole process was pretty fun. She was especially excited about taking home a little bag of spa goodies for Molly like cucumber eye stickers, a robe, and toenail polish stickers in lots of colors.

Molly was in desperate need of a good cleaning (let's just say she was 'well loved' by Henry and Emma), and her hair was crazy from Emma's many attempts to 'make it pretty.' But she's lookin' good now!
Michael took the other kids on some rides, which they loved of course! Elliott finally hit the 48" height mark so he got to go on his first 'real' roller coaster. He LOVED it and I think there are some fun amusement park days ahead for him.
 Henry loves to people watch and could have stayed for hours just looking at the lights and watching people.
We were finally off to my in-law's house to see them for a bit before heading over to see my brother-in-law's family and their brand new house. We never made it to their house. (sigh)

Shortly after arriving at grandma and grandpa's, Henry got sick. As in, he threw up all over their house, sick. It was awful. We decided to just stay at my in-law's house since my sister-in-law is due with a baby anytime and the last thing I wanted to do was get her, or anyone in their house, sick. I didn't want Michael's parents getting sick either, but they were already exposed and couldn't escape the germs. So there we stayed.

A couple hours after Henry threw up, Emma started. By 2am Isa was throwing up too. I was up almost every 30 minutes with one of those three ALL night. From 3-4am it was actually every 15 minutes.

Needless to say, it put quite a damper on our Thanksgiving festivities. We popped in to see everyone on Thursday to say hi to the whole extended family and eat a few bites of turkey. Then we piled back in the car. Halfway home Emma had quite the sick stomach...all over the car. Nasty! Cleaning up throw up from the car is the WORST!

We got home and I was asleep by 8pm. But then Elliott started throwing up. I woke up Friday with a fever. Oy vey.

The rest of the weekend was ok and we got TONS of house projects accomplished. I made Michael a suit (I'll post more on that in the near future) and things were looking up. Until yesterday...

While playing around (of course, doing something she shouldn't) Isa almost cut half of her big toe off! She was using the furniture as a jungle gym and stuck her foot under a metal-legged table. Then we're not exactly sure if Henry jumped on top of the table, or if Isa put her own weight on it, but it crushed her toe and sliced most of the way through it.

Off to get stitches we went and for the next couple weeks she'll be hobbling around. Poor girl. At least the stomach flu is past.

In spite of it all, I'm thankful for my family and for our health. I'm thankful we got to see people, even if just for a short time. And I'm thankful that the past weekend is over. :)
Hope you had an amazing Thanksgiving!

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  1. You should bring the fam to Cedar Point next year! We'll take Elliott on all of the rides and Henry can people-watch with aunt Christen!


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