Nov 18, 2012

Donuts and Love

Since my camera broke I haven't been able to take any good pictures of our projects-in-progress. And my phone has been working ok for pictures in the meantime...until today when I dropped it on the concrete basement floor and it shattered. Ugh! So my posts are going to be taking a little trip down memory lane for a while until one or both of my most-used possessions are replaced. (and while I sit and have a good cry about having to spend money on something that was working perfectly and didn't need hoo hoo)

So here goes a random post...

A new Dunkin Donuts just opened about a block away from us. It's the first one to open in our city and we were excited...until we tried to go there and found out that their customer service is the worst! Nothing like spending a boat load of money as a business owner to open and turn people away immediately with your untrained staff. Disappointing.

There's another donut place close to our house...but we're pretty sure the 'donut' part of their business is a cover for what's really going on there. Shady, shady place!

So although we're not enjoying donuts locally right now, Michael and I had a fun donut date in Seattle earlier this year.
What's your favorite donut? I like crullers the best when they are airy and light. Michael loves homemade donuts and has fond memories of his grandma making them. I've never attempted to make donuts but I actually found a cruller recipe here. Maybe someday I'll try to make them.

And how do you spell them? Donuts or Doughnuts? Spell-check likes both. :) (it must think they're tasty too)

1 comment:

  1. Donuts. You should offer to do the hiring/ firing for the Dunkin Donuts for a 1% stake of the company. I've been watching too much Shark Tank.


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