Nov 15, 2012

The Dangerous Shopping Cart

I really try not to take children with me when I go grocery shopping. Every once in a while I have to take all 4 kids and each time I swear I'll never do that again! It's craziness!

Sometimes, though, I choose one of the kids to go along with me. They see it as a special outing with mommy and always fight over who gets to go. Isa won recently and accompanied me to get groceries at a certain store that starts with a W and ends with a Mart. Got it?

That was my LAST trip to the 'anonymous' store to get groceries. I just can't make myself go there anymore because of the incident.

First let me remind you of what Isa's face usually looks like.
My little Isa was being a very good helper at the store and we were checking things off our list in record time. She was walking along side me and had fun putting things into the cart when I'd ask her to. When we got to the produce section the floors were know...because they spray the veggies down in the open refrigerators. They always have mats/rugs in front of the produce to help cut down on the slipperiness.

Well...Isa had a bunch of celery or something in her hand and was quickly walking to put it in the cart. She tripped on the rug and fell face first into the cart near the wheels. She started screaming instantly and by the time I turned to look at her she was already bleeding all over.

Gross, I know. Especially in a grocery store.

BUT kids fall and that's not my reason for not shopping at this store anymore. The problem was that there were two workers nearby who I flagged down to get me some paper towels. They were clueless. A mom with a baby in her cart was close to me and saw that the workers weren't helping. She gave me some baby wipes that she had with her. SO nice!

The workers f.i.n.a.l.l.y. got me something to help clean up...but there was already blood all over the floor. A manager or someone came out to make me sign paperwork BEFORE I could even take Isa to get her cleaned up. I told them to wait and rushed Isa to the bathroom to help her.

The poor girl was in pain! She had a black eye and a huge gash in her forehead. She had also almost bit through her lower lip and was crazy swollen.

It took a good 10 minutes to clean her up and when I came back to the produce section to get my cart (and sign the stupid paperwork they kept shoving at me) they STILL had not cleaned up the blood. And didn't. Even after we checked out they hadn't cleaned anything up.

Seriously?? It's a grocery store with FOOD next to blood and they didn't even seem to notice it. ICK, ICK, ICK! Is it just me or does anyone else see something wrong with that?

Here's my baby girl's face the next day. Her poor little face. 
Even though Wal-Mart is the cheapest for groceries (we seriously save big money there each month if I get our groceries there), I can't get over the thought of how unclean it is. Sad.

I'm not even much of a big germ-o-phobe, but I won't be buying anything from a produce section anywhere if it's fallen on the floor. Ew!


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