Dec 14, 2012

Chocolate, anyone?

It's no secret...I like chocolate. Actually, LOVE is a better word. I it.

So when I had the chance to join up with Lindt as a Chocolate Advisor for only $1 I had to do it.

Recently, this box of deliciousness showed up on my doorstep. WOW!
The Perles are things I had never heard of before...but they are hands-down my favorite thing! They are little bits of heaven wrapped in chocolate!

The contents of this box have been split into many gifts for my kids' teachers and some friends and family. So look out if you're on our Christmas're about to be sugar-rushed!

I really just signed up for myself and to get a great deal on some chocolate for gifts at this time of year. But if anyone wants some Lindt chocolate like this, you can order it here. They have a whole home party program too and I'm open to trying one if you would like to host it. Mostly because I would like to try some of their recipes. They sent me a bunch of baking bars to make brownies with...but that's a bit difficult to do when you don't have an oven. I have a friend who is in love with Lindt truffles and wants to have a little party just to get a bunch for free. :)

Hope you get to enjoy a little piece of chocolate this weekend!


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