Dec 18, 2012

Christmas Family Pics of the Past

In keeping with the 'Past' posts this week...a theme has developed so I might as well embrace it.

I have been working on getting metal ornaments made using our Christmas card family photos from the past few years. On the front of the ornament will be the family picture and on the back, the picture with Santa. It's so fun to see how quickly our family has changed and grown!

2003...right after Michael and I met. (did he take this family picture?)
We met around Thanksgiving, and by the time Christmas rolled around we had already met each other's families and pretty much knew we would be getting married at some point soon.

No 'real' Christmas card for this year. These were our 'thank you' cards sent out after our wedding and they pretty much doubled as our Christmas card.

For some reason we skipped over 2005 and sent generic cards with no picture.

This picture was taken as the 'front and back' of our card in 2006. (Any bets on who came up with this idea?) Welcome Baby Elliott to our Christmas family picture (he was about 6 weeks old when this picture was taken)!
Michael gives me an ornament for Christmas every year, and in 2006 he surprised me with a beautifully framed ornament/picture of our new baby Elliott with Santa. That began the tradition.
This was the first and last time our whole family could fit in a picture with Santa. (I was pregnant with Emma in this picture.)
 LOVE this boy! This picture of Elliott was on our Christmas card in 2007.

Welcome to the picture baby Emerald!
 Somebody didn't like Santa!

Welcome to the picture baby Isa!

 A different little someone did not like Santa this year!

Welcome to the picture baby Henry! (he was only about 5 days old in this family picture) And yes...that makes 3 years in a row with a new baby added to the Christmas card! Good grief...who are these people?
What? No one is crying? (and sorry to the man in the red suit...but this is the worst looking Santa ever!)
A year without a new addition! Whoa!

And no criers!

We tried to see Santa this year but the lines were WAY too long so we'll try again sometime this week on an off-time. (and I'll post this year's pictures then too)
And by the way...our kids don't actually believe in Santa. They know about him and think he's fun and we tell them that Santa helps us celebrate Jesus' birthday. We have no problems with talking about Santa but focusing on Jesus as the 'Reason for the Season.' The trick now that they're getting older is trying to help them learn to talk about Santa in a way that doesn't spill the truth beans to kids who have parents who lie to them. Oops - did I sound a little biased there? I mean...parents who perpetuate the idea of a man who knows the same things God whether you're being good or naughty at all times...and then based on your actions comes (or doesn't) into your house to give you things you want and beg for. Does that make it sound better?

And while I'm on this little cynical spewing of words...I'd love to hear a Christian's take on Elf on a Shelf! If you have insight on it please share! As a parent, I can totally understand the manipulation factor of a 'schtick' that keeps my kids wanting to be on their best behavior. But I just can't imagine how kids don't get confused about the truth of Jesus with the story of the Elf on the Shelf. I'm not judging...just genuinely interested in knowing how it fits in with the 'true meaning' of Christmas. I must be missing something since so many of my friends have fun with this new tradition. Please share...I'm stumped!


  1. Helpful pins:

    a grace letter:

    Seems that using him as a reminder to act the way Jesus would is a good jumping off point???? There's a specific article I read this year that I can't find right now if i do I'll send it.
    I'm not sure what I think.

    1. Thanks Amanda! Interesting info. It seems like you could just tell kids the same thing about the baby Jesus in your nativity set and hide him everyday. :) I wonder if kids believe in the 'Elf' as much as they do in Santa??

  2. I'm with you on the whole Santa deal. I also don't understand how you can keep the focus on Jesus when you bring Santa into the mix. Thus why we don't do Elf on a Shelf. (we actually got one as a gift several years ago, way before the trend started but sold it!)


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