Dec 7, 2012

DIY Antlers

The kids and I started a project a few weeks ago to make some paper mache antlers. We got the idea from a fun holiday e-book with lots of handmade ideas.

When we got started, the kids were thrilled...but they quickly lost interest in the process since it takes a while. When we got to the paper mache part they completely gave up (and left me to finish all of them by myself) because they didn't want to get messy. What? Don't normal kids like to get messy?

They loved the painting part, though. I took the whole gang to Michael's and let them choose their own colors. It was hard for me to let them paint with crazy colors, though. I wanted the antlers to look nice in their rooms. Oh well. I'm learning to get over it.

Here are the antlers I made. They are hanging in my bedroom on a newly done wall of art...I'll post more about that soon. After I took this picture I realized how funny it is that the picture looks black and white...but was actually taken in full color! My walls are gray, the antlers are white and mounted on a piece of wood I painted black, and all the frames are black and white around and white! I guess I better work on adding some color ASAP. (and trust me, I have big plans for some color here)
Elliott's room is orange and blue, so he wanted one blue antler and one orange one. Makes sense to me! I thought it was an odd choice, though, when he picked blue and orange glitter paint. Henry didn't get to paint any antlers...maybe that's why I got this face when I took the picture of Elliott's.
Emma chose a pink colored glitter that ended up drying purple. Once she realized it was looking purple, she used some of Elliott's blue glitter too...just to keep hers looking different than her sister's. 
Isa's, of course, are purple! I tried to get her to pose with them on her bed, but she refused. Stinker. She can't stop calling the antlers 'lanterns'...I guess they sound really similar. At first I couldn't figure out why she kept asking me when she could 'turn them on and see them light up.' Hmmm...sorry to disappoint you, girl. Maybe next year we'll tackle some Lantern Antlers that light up!
In all, these antlers took about a week to make. We had to make the structure of the antlers, then cover it with paper mache, then sand them smooth, paint the antlers, paint the wood pieces, and then mount them. I have several more handmade holiday things left to do. Hopefully those will go a lot more quickly since Christmas is almost here! Can't wait!


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