Dec 13, 2012


Last week I got to spend some time in one of my favorite cities...Atlanta! I hadn't been there in a while but it seemed so 'normal' to be driving from the airport up through the city...just like I did when I lived there. I felt like I was 22 again (ha!).

It was fun catching up with a great friend and getting to hang out with my aunt and my sister-in-law for a day before I had to start working (the reason for the trip was work-related). Why, oh why, didn't I take any pictures of these fun ladies?

I did, however, get pictures of the food we ate for lunch one day. :) Ruth (my aunt), Christen (my brand new sis-in-law), and I happened upon a super fun restaurant that we had to try! It was a pop-up restaurant...meaning that it wasn't there permanently. A few people just got together and set up a little restaurant concept to try out a menu and see how it went for a few months. SO fun!
Their decor inside was unfussy and cool. The walls had these rough wood planks on them full of names of people who had been there. WE DRANK. WE ATE. WE SOCIALIZED.
Trying to be a little adventurous, we all shared this uber-yummy dish of figs in a beer and bacon sauce, with spicy chiles and nuts. Delish!
We ate, and shopped...and then I got sick! :( I started feeling a migraine coming on and it quickly got worse. And I got sick. All over the rental car. Ewww!

But after a couple hours I was feeling back to normal and it was off to a different part of Georgia to get some work done. I spent a few days with many ultra-creative and fun people. We are working on a mobile app that's very exciting! I'll share more details about that in January.

We were working in a secluded little area...and the view from my room was this:
Ahhhh. We worked non-stop, but it was such a gorgeous place and was a much appreciated break from the 'dailiness' of home and kids.
Christen and I got to work together which was really fun! (especially since it was the most time I'd ever spent with the newest member of our family) Here's the view from her room:
Overall it was a phenomenal trip. Thanks Mom and Michael for watching the kids once again.

I'm really looking forward to more Georgia trips in the future. It is a perfect place for us to travel with the kids (in a year or two). We can stay with family, there's lots to do, and it's drive-able in a day (a looooong day...but still drive-able).
I would love to live in Atlanta again, but the traffic is SO bad that I think Michael would have a nervous breakdown...or become a shut-in and never leave the house. Either option is a bad one so I guess we'll stay put.

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  1. YAY! That was such a fun trip. I was telling Andrew we need to go visit Ruth again sometime. I really liked Atlanta and her place. And I loved getting to spend time with you. We can't wait to see you again really soon!!


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