Dec 17, 2012


A quick note about the recent tragedy: I am heartbroken for the families and spent the weekend trying to avoid the TV, especially the news, and even Facebook where everyone kept posting things about it. Every detail I heard haunted me. I couldn't sleep. Unspeakable. Unimaginable. I kept looking at my 6 year old Elliott and my heart just ached.

Michael and I couldn't really talk about it at home. My kids are so young and I didn't see a reason to tell them anything. Elliott and Emma heard on the radio in the car about something happening and have prayed for hurting families, without knowing much of anything about why they were hurting. Elliott was excited to go to school today and didn't think twice about heading out. I'm thankful for his innocence.

Comfort is found in holding every thought captive and turning it to Christ. I am so thankful for the decorations and reminders of Christmas around us right now. Christmas is not about presents and warm fuzzies. It is not about our children getting what they want. It is about God giving His children what we need. It is a celebration of Jesus being born. Born to die...because of sin. All sin is unspeakable and unimaginable to Him.

Here are a few things I've read recently that kept coming to my mind over the weekend. None of these are tragedy related but all have great principles in them that were comforting to me:

Me and My Big Mouth by Joyce Meyer - (Amazon description) This book will show you how to train your mouth to speak words that will make you overcomers in this life. It emphasizes that speaking the Word of God must be coupled with living a life of complete obedience in order to see the power of God flow.

(My take) This one came to my mind in the way I was thinking about the Connecticut school and the power of the words we use.

I believe that God will be glorified in my childrens' lives.
I will not be afraid to let them into the world.

If you look at it in a silly way...this book kind of teaches you to think and speak like the "Daily Affirmations" sketch on SNL. But the big difference is that your 'affirmations' are rooted in God's Word.

It's Tough Being A Woman (a study of Esther - a profile in courage) by Beth Moore - (Amazon description) Join Beth in a very personal examination of this great story of threat and deliverance as she peels back the layers of history and shows how very contemporary and applicable the story of Esther is to our lives today. If you've ever felt inadequate, threatened, or pushed into situations that seemed overpowering, this is the Bible study for you.

(My take) This was hands-down my favorite Bible study I've ever done. I need to go through it again. Seriously amazing. What kept coming to my mind this week was actually something unrelated to Esther, it was a 'tangent' Beth went on in one of the videos for this study. She talks about Revelation and the 'fear of people.' I can't do it justice here, just do the study.

Young House Love by John and Sherry Petersik - OK...if you're still reading here's one that has nothing to do with tragedy. But I happen to like to keep busy while I process hard things, and this book is packed with home improvement ideas. I've followed the YHL blog for a couple years and it's a good one if you like DIY. I wanted to buy their book, but not pay for their book. Do you know what I mean? So when I saw the Nook edition for $2.99 I snatched it up to read on the plane to Atlanta. It's so packed, I still haven't gotten through it all after two plane rides and some long airport sitting time! A good and welcome distraction for a weary mind.

I typically try to keep the blog light and silly with posts about the house and kids. We got lots done on the house this weekend and I have a huge list of dozens of posts I need to put up in the near future. Many of our 'half-done' projects are getting finished up little by little. I will return later today with another crazy post...but will continue praying that the peace and comfort only Jesus can give will be with the families and that God will be glorified in the midst of a horrible and ugly tragedy.


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