Jan 7, 2013

2013 calendars

What do you do for a calendar each year?

I have gotten stuck in a rut (that is working for me, but isn't very exciting) of using MomAgenda calendars for my day-to-day calendar. I keep track of work stuff as well as all family appointments, snack days for the kids at school, tax details, etc. I've used this type of calendar for the past 4 or 5 years.

To make watching the days go by a little more fun...last year I made a monthly calendar for 2012 using this template from Young House Love. I went back in my picture archives and for January 2012 I chose an image from January 2011. For February 2012 I chose one from February 2011...and so on throughout the year. It was SO fun to look at each month's picture and think 'that was this time last year.'
Here are some of my favorites from the 2012 calendar:
I wanted to do something similar this year and bought this template on etsy. It was pricey...but I didn't have time to make it myself. The template was easy to use and I modified several of the layouts and colors. I ordered it on linen paper last week and can't wait to put it up!
Here are a few of my favorites in the 2013 calendar:
We, obviously, start with January. It's hard to believe that our Hawaii trip and our kitchen bar stool reveal was just one year ago!
I'm working on a fun way to display this calendar on the new art wall in my master bedroom. Currently, I've only shown you the antlers that are there, but soon I hope to be done and show you the rest.

Have you seen any other great calendar templates? Please share!


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