Jan 30, 2013

a favorite

When I think back about why I didn't sew much in the past...it makes me sad. Good grief - one of the biggest things that held me back was that I could never remember how to thread the sewing machine and it would take an hour to get out the manual and do trial and error. I just didn't sew enough to get the process stuck in my head. How pathetic is that?

As much as I love sewing dresses and frilly things for my girls now...it's sad to think about how fun it would have been to make some adorable things for my baby girls! I missed the chance since I didn't really sew until last year when Isa was 2. :(

BUT I'm excited about all the newborn little girls coming into my family and hopefully their mamas will let me sew something for them from time to time.

Around Christmas my newest little niece was born (and we haven't even gotten to meet her yet, a situation we need to remedy quickly)! Then we found out we're having another sweet little niece this Spring! And then, you may remember, my cousin and his wife are having a girl this Spring too!

When Amelia was born just before Christmas, I wanted to make her something and it turned out to be one of my favorite projects ever!
Here's what they look like on the inside...very soft and cozy.
I have many more of these little darlings in the works in different prints, materials, etc. An incredible children's boutique even has had interest in carrying them!! So we'll see where that goes (maybe nowhere...but it's still exciting to think about).

And since I missed having tiny boots like this for my girls when they were babies, I'm working on whipping up a pattern for them to have something similar for slippers. I'll keep you posted on how that works out! Would anyone else be interested in a pattern if I made one?


  1. These are adorable. You are amazing!

  2. What can you whip up for boys?? I'm interested :) Although probably not in a soft bootie. I have about 4 pairs of Robeez that Channing hasn't even grown into yet.

    1. I've got an idea for a little pair of boots for Henry. I'll try to make them soon and we'll see if they work or not. I also have some other ideas for boys' clothes that I need an excuse to make! :)

  3. OH please oh please tell me you made a pattern for these? I am new to the shoe making without yarn and crochet hooks. I have a new granddaughter I would love to make these for. Her mother loves goth. jzedalis at gmail dot com Mahalo!

  4. these are so adorable!! I would love a pattern

  5. Please say you made a pattern or know where one is at. I want to make a pair for myself to walk around the house in.

  6. These are adorable! Have you made a pattern for them yet? I know some tiny little females who would love them!


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