Jan 17, 2013

A new love in my life

Folks...I'm talking about a vacuum! Is it weird to love a vacuum?

I finally came to the realization that you get what you pay for when it comes to vacuums. My $29 one just wasn't cutting it anymore after having it for a few months and hating to use it! That pretty much means I stopped vacuuming my floors for...let's just say it had been too long.

I have a friend who bought the Cadillac of vacuums. They paid more for that machine than I did for my last vacation to Florida...or for my washer and dryer...Thousands! I didn't know you could pay that much for one and didn't thnk I'd ever see my floors that clean.

But thankfully, while I was wistfully dreaming about that vacuum, my friend was dreaming about my Vitamix. I splurged and bought one last year and completely love it. But even as expensive as a Vitamix is, it didn't come close to the cost of that floor-cleaning-machine.

Since the 'grass was greener' for both of us we decided to swap appliances for a couple weeks. I absolutely got the better end of that deal!

After having sparkling clean floors for a few weeks, we had to switch back and the dust bunnies were suddenly back! Why can't dust bunnies be pretty??

One day I was at Target and walked past the vacuums to check out some options. And there it was. A beautiful Dyson with many similar features to the expensive brand I had borrowed. It was an out of the box model that was marked down over $300!! Score!

I now love to vacuum instead of dreading it. And I think my family is happier with me too. :) Do you have a vacuum you love?


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