Jan 8, 2013

A Sad Resolution

Do you make New Year's Resolutions?

I usually have a couple things that I focus on. This year I have one resolution...and then I chose a word for the year that I'm concentrating on. 

My singular resolution is actually the same one this year as last year...ugh! I completely failed last year at this...as in...I didn't even make it to January 1! But this year I'm sticking to it so far and I guess if I put it out there I'm more likely to follow through...hopefully.

Yesterday I showed you our calendar for 2013 and you may have noticed some circles around various dates. Here's another example:
There are 5 circles in April (although there should be 6...I didn't know the date of one when I made the calendar). Each circle represents an immediate family member's birthday. (from grandparents to nieces/nephews) In April there are actually 7 family birthdays! (some overlap days)

So here's the resolution...to send a card to each person on their birthday this year!

Sad...I know. Why would anyone need to actually resolve to do that? Shouldn't it just be an easy thing to do when you love your family? Yes, it should be...but for me it's not so easy. Days seem to fly by and if I don't intentionally look at my calendar I will miss it. Then I feel silly for sending a late card so usually I just don't send one at all. Sad.

But not this year! I'm really going to try to think about each family member and send them a special greeting on their special day.

The reason I say I failed on day 1 last year with this resolution is because there's actually a family birthday on January 1! So right off the bat I missed it! But not this year. The card will be late...but Jamie, the girls had fun making a special card for you and it went out in the mail yesterday.
One down...and almost 50 left to go this year! If you have any tips on how you keep track of people's special days I'd love to hear them! I obviously need help in this area!


  1. Start making/buying all of your cards at the first of the year and as time allows you can address them, write in them, decorate, etc. Keep them in a special place, maybe some kind of mail holder, ready to mail/give to the birthday person. Place the holder where it is visible to you, maybe by your computer or somewhere where you would actually see it on a daily basis. You could even make sure you go beyond this year and do that January 1st person too:)

    1. Great idea! So far, I'm keeping up. Fingers crossed I'll make it through the whole year!


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