Jan 9, 2013

all things girly...even Legos

Did you know they make Legos for girls? We haven't had the "Lego craze" hit our house much yet because we've constantly been in baby-proofing mode and I didn't want the little pieces. But Henry is getting a little smarter about what he puts in his mouth and chews on (most days) so lately the kids have had fun with some Legos.

Elliott and Emma recently went to a friend's birthday party and the favors were adorable little Lego-themed bags done by my amazing friend, Dawn. She's super creative and made a baby food jar look like a little Lego guy. She filled the cute little jars with M&Ms which, of course, the kids loved!! She also took red bags and cut out little circles to make the whole bag look like a Lego. What a great idea!
Also inside the favor bag was a mini Lego kit. Elliott's was a plane that he even put together by himself! Emma's was this cute little girly Lego set complete with an oven, sink, and table for a party!
She looked so cute playing Legos with her doll, Molly. They are wearing the matching pjs I made them for Christmas.
 I'm seeing many more hours of Lego fun in our future!

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