Jan 1, 2013

Christmas Recap

"It's the most wonderful time of the year."

We had a fantastic Christmas and New Year's. We got a lot done on the house, had a great time with family, and spent lots of time playing with the kids.

Christmas break started out with two snow days for Elliott. He was excited about the snow but sad that he would miss his Christmas parties at school. We took the kids out in the snow a little bit and Henry cracked us up! It was knee deep to him and he couldn't walk in it. Step...flop. Step...flop. 
We spent Christmas at my parent's house. I made pajamas for the whole family (except myself...I didn't get a chance to finish mine) but didn't get any good pictures of them. Oh well. For Henry, I had to make footy pjs because of his crib antics. It was pretty easy and they were cute! I also made him a little robe. It's a totally impractical thing that is just SO cute!
Great Nana (the original Emerald) was there. It's fun seeing the two Emeralds together...and see how close their personalities are to each other too!
Michael gives me an ornament every year. (it's the only present I get from him that I don't just pick out myself) This year he went 'all out' in wrapping it up for me! He rolled it in a Christmas napkin and then cut out quotes from magazines he found (probably all from Martha Stewart Living...my fav). I think he won the award for Most Creative Wrapping this year.
Emma was ecstatic to get this little sewing machine! Sadly...it broke the first time we used it. She was very sad about it but I let her make her American Girl (Molly) a little purse on my big sewing machine.
Isa's favorite gift was a LaLaLoopsy doll she got from my mom. It has crazy hair...quite fitting for my Isa who also has crazy hair! I got a little owl necklace for each of the girls and they loved those too. Not bad for 97 cents (shipped!) from Amazon.
 We all Skyped with my brother and family who couldn't make it to Christmas with us this year.
At some point during the day Emma disappeared and I found her under the tree playing with one of Henry's gifts. Sneaky.
Henry loved this little wood train that I bought at IKEA in Atlanta and carried on the plane home with me after this biz trip. Gotta love IKEA and their super cheap train sets!
Hugs for Great Grandpa at the end of an eventful Christmas!
Hope you had an amazing Christmas too!


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